The basic Undead infantry. Skeletons are fairly weak in a fight, with low combat and hits, but are missile resistant, and thus are quite useful for attacking towers and archers. For a weak infantry unit, they are fairly expensive, but since they are the building block for most other undead units, you have to have them. Being able to come up with free or cheap skeletons is one of the keys to playing the undead race. Skeletons are resistant to piercing, but vulnerable to crushing.


Combat: 2 Hits: 20 Speed: 10 Damage: 10 Slashing Armor:10 Resistance: 15 Resistant vs.: Piercing Vulnerable vs: Crushing

Cost: 25 Gold 25 Stone Metal Build Time: 24 Build Skill: Setup Points: 1 Army Points: 1 Ability: Missle Resistance

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